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The view from atop Buzzardroost Rock, Edge of Appalachia Preserve in Adams County, Ohio.
Photo by Tom Cross.
GE Aviation Test Operations facility, Peebles, Ohio.
Adams County. A Patchwork of History & Nature.
Photo by Tom Cross, Adams County Travel & Visitors Bureau
Adams County's Commissioners, Ward, Pell, and Moore welcome you to Adams County, and this website.
The Ohio River as seen from Wrightsville, Ohio, in Adams County.

Adams County Cares Form

The Adams County Cares program is for the purpose of Adams County residents sharing their comments, concerns, and suggestions to the Board of County Commissioners. We care about Adams County and hope we can help you resolve the concerns you have.

Please note: Your concern may fall outside of the Board's jurisdiction. However, we will make sure that each inquiry is forwarded to the appropriate official.

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Nature of the problem:*

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Your concerns will be addressed to the Board of County Commissioners. You should have a response to your concerns within ten days upon receipt of your issue.

By filling out and submitting this form I acknowledge that this is my email address and I approve correspondence being sent to this address. Please do not include links in your message as this will flag the message as spam.

Welcome to the NEW Adams County Government Portal website where you will find everything from the old portal as well as some new features. Remember to sign up to get the latest news from our Adams County Commissioners!

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